Turtle Shore Adventures

Interactive Jeep and walking tours

Join our enthusiastic biologist on a fun and exciting Jeep or hiking tour of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea.

Let yourself be driven around in our comfortable, 4X4, convertible 4-door Jeep. Our experienced guide will focus on the tall tales of each corner of town on the 1-hour package. When the sun is out, the Jeep's top comes off and kids of all ages enjoy the ride in style; fleece blankets, sunscreen and water are complimentary. Our Jeep is equipped with binoculars and a first-aid kit.

Our popular 3-hour Jeep tour package of Ministers Island is an excellent way to cross the ocean floor at low tide in 4 wheel-drive to reach Sir William Van Horne's estate. Your tour includes admission to visit the 50-room summer home of the 1888 president of CPR who made the first Canadian transcontinental railway happen. Its unique barn and bath house will surprise you. This adventurous Jeep tour includes a snack made with New Brunswick products that will delight your senses.

Or choose an interactive beach walk to explore the intertidal creatures of our bay. Great for anyone who is curious about local wildlife. Binoculars, hand lenses and a microscope will reveal the details that make these animals so unique. A fascinating history walk is also available to learn about the quirky stories of our loyalist town: hear about the ship building boom and demise, smuggling, storms, hangings and pirates.

Our spacious shop is full of locally-made gifts, and our live turtle pond will amuse the whole family.

You will never look at St Andrews-by-the-Sea the same way ever again!