Savour in the Garden

Savour in the Garden is located in the the Multi Award winning Kingsbrae Garden, this 27 acre horticultural gardens boost the title of being in the top 5 gardens in Canada and a must see top 10 in North America. With that kind of recognition Kingsbrae teamed up with Chef Haun in the spring of 2013 to launch an equally award winning restaurant. Within the first year Savour in the Garden was seeing national recognition in magazines, news papers and online publications and in the Fall of 2013 Savour was named one of Canada’s best new Restaurants (Sharp Magazine).

The restaurant focus on utilizing what the Garden produces as well as Chef Haun’s established suppliers all over the province of New Brunswick. Local is the keep ingredient and seasonal products are what make Savour.

Savour offers a variety of size tasting menus depending on the year from a simple 3 course to the Grande Tasting of 20 courses. If tasting menus are not for you of course you can always come for lunch to the Garden Cafe located beside Savour for lighter À la carte Menu.