Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge

The Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge protects the natural habitats of Maine native birds offshore and on the mainland. The 7,400 acre preserve consists of 47 offshore islands and three coastal parcels, and stretches 150 miles along the coast to include five national wildlife refuges—Petit Manan, Cross Island, Franklin Island, Seal Island and Pond Island. Protected birds range from nesting seabirds, wading birds and bald eagles to songbirds, shorebirds and waterfowl. A favorite is the black and white Atlantic Puffin. In addition to bird watching and wildlife photography, visitors enjoy the hiking throughout Petit Manan Point Division.

The Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex is comprised of five individual refuges which span the coast of Maine and support an incredible diversity of habitats including coastal islands, forested headlands, estuaries and freshwater wetlands.

All totaled, the refuge includes approximately 8,238 acres of diverse coastal Maine habitats including forested and non-forested offshore islands, coastal salt marsh, open field, and upland mature spruce-fir forest.