Journey to the Other Side

Take a Two-Nation Vacation and discover the real differences found in small magical moments.

Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see further.

Explore a coastline dotted with photogenic lighthouses and raw vistas with no need for filters. With the world's highest tides and one of the richest marine ecosystems, Maine and New Brunswick know how to make the most of the coast.

You can see for miles and miles (or kilometres and kilometres).

On one side you've got Maine's Acadia National Park (@AcadiaNPS). With 125 miles of trails, you won't find the same old, same old here. Then there's the Fundy Trail (@FundyTrail) just north of the border - one of the last remaining coastal wildernesss areas between Florida and Labrador.

Flavor or flavour...find out which tastes better.

Sample the fiddleheads, ale, fruit, wine and lobster in both nations - each with its own take on classic dishes, inspired by different histories and cultures. Each side boasts the world's best chowder...see which floats your boat!

See what it's like to come from away and still feel at home.

There are touques and hats, loonies, toonies and friendly folk who live just down the road apiece. Two kinds of locals - both friendly, both authentic - each with their own history and culture you can overhear just sitting in a coffee shop.

But for all the little differences that make both places so special, you're sure to always feel welcomed on either side of the border.

Make it a social vacation!

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