Getting Here


Go coastal and take a scenic route that’s like no other! From Bar Harbor all the way up to the world’s highest tides at the Hopewell Rocks, here’s a look at the land beyond borders and how to get here.


To give you an idea of your road trip length, here’s about how long it takes to drive to the Canada/US Border at Calais/St. Stephen from several locations:

Location Approximate drive time to Canada/US Border
(Calais/St. Stephen)
Boston, MA 5.5 hours
New York, NY 9 hours
Philadelphia, PA 10 hours
Halifax, NS 5.5 hours
Moncton, NB 3 hours
Charlottetown, PE 5 hours


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Important border crossing information:

Canada Border Service Agency

U.S. Customs and Border Protection


Please note that a valid passport is required for international travel. It is also recommended that you contact your mobile phone provider before using your phone in another country.