The Chocolate Museum

In the very building where the Ganong brothers made chocolate and candy for more than a century, the Chocolate Museum thrives. When the company moved to more modern premises, a section of the former factory was transformed into a fascinating museum. 

Step inside the doors and you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time. Brick walls are exposed; huge pillars support the ceilings; overhead beams and hardwood floors have all been restored to their original glory. 

After a major expansion in 2009, Ganong's production area for hand-crafted chocolates was moved into the museum, where you can now see workers artfully crafting "Ganong's Best". And just like a box of their famous chocolates,the Museum is "choc-full" of interactive exhibits and informative videos. 

You can experience St. Stephen's longtime love affair with chocolate through the hands-on exhibits. Test your dexterity with games such as "Pack the Chocolate Box". "A Week in the Life of a Jelly Bean" will take you through the 7-day process of making these tiny candy treats. Don't forget to sample some of the delectables on display! 

As an addition to your museum experience, take part in a Heritage Chocolate Walk Day Adventure. Enjoy a guided tour of the museum and a town block. You'll find out about the historic nature of this border town and the importance of the Ganong family to the local economy. 

A recipient of the Attractions Canada Award for Best Indoor Site for New Brunswick, the Chocolate Museum is an attraction for everyone, especially chocoholics!