13 Pics That Will Make You Want To Go To Campobello

With rugged cliffs, wind-swept beaches, working harbours, artists' studios, a golf course, and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Campobello Island, tucked away in the mighty Bay of Fundy, is a nature lover's (and photographer's) delight.

1. A net stretching from shore into the water directs fish into the weir seen in the distance.


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2. The beautifully preserved Roosevelt Cottage, where FDR and Eleanor spent their summer holidays.


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3. The sea life isn't the only sight that will have you reaching for your camera during a whale-watching excursion.

4. Instagrammable moments are just around every turn.


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5. Eastport, Maine looks so close it's like you could just swim over.


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6. There's something about the light on Campobello - it's unlike anywhere else.


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7. The island looks just as beautiful when seen from the water.

8. Sitting inside Roosevelt Campobello International Park, the Mulholland Point Lighthouse is the only lighthouse shared by the United States and Canada.


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9. The unspoilt natural beauty of the island is one of its biggest charms.


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10. A beautiful day for beach combing in Herring Cove Provincial Park.


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11. It's nearly impossible to take a bad picture of the East Quoddy Lighthouse.


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12. Island life really is better, isn't it?


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13. What better way to end a day than with a spectacular sunset?


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