Combine your Maine or New Brunswick vacation into a two-nation vacation to see and taste the cultural nuances in a new and exciting way

Visit Maine and New Brunswick

Two Nation Vacation
Visit Maine & New Brunswick

Campobello Island
Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Campobello Island
Roque Bluffs in Fall
Swimming, hiking, paddling adventures
Roque Bluffs State Park
Algonquin Golf Course Back Nine
Experience golf the way it was meant to be played
Algonquin Golf Course, St. Andrews
Bangor Maine
See the arts
Bangor, Maine
Explore The Fundy Trail
St. Martins
Bar Harbor Inn Maine
Popular resort community
Bar Harbor

Visit Maine’s Bold Coast and New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy

Hike, bike or drive the coastal trails through Acadia National Park or along New Brunswick’s Fundy Trail

Sample delicious cousine rich with tradition and flavor, including Maine lobster, fresh blueberries, and decadent pies

Come celebrate with fireworks for Canada Day on July 1st and Independence Day on the Fourth of July


Come explore two unique regions of North America – Maine and New Brunswick – and experience a vacation like no other.

A visit to Canada and the United States allows you to explore the history and culture shared by these two regions while experiencing the breathtaking scenery, distinctive seafood and unique culinary fusions, and the warm hospitality of these two neighboring countries during one fun-filled trip.

A Two-Nation Vacation offers a perfect mix of fascinating international travel while discovering new things in your homeland. Come see the unparalleled beauty of the Atlantic seaboard from Canada's Fundy Trail as it winds its way along one of the last remaining coastal wildernesses, to Maine's Bold Coast leading to the richly forested hills and mountains of Maine's Highlands.

All of this beautiful landscape is yours to explore on foot or bike or by sea – from windjammers to kayaks. With so many diverse activities, you'll understand why this fantastic vacation simply can't fit in just one country!